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We can explain your options to help you discern whether you would like to make a parenting plan or an adoption plan, and find the right resources for you.

Adoption is a very brave and selfless parenting choice. Our non-judgmental staff will offer you a safe environment to help you choose a customized plan for you and your child.


What’s the Adoption Process like for an Expectant Mom?
Frequently Asked Questions
Where do I start?

Contact our team to learn about your options. You can call us at Trinity Pregnancy and Adoption Department at (605) 348-6086. We also offer a call or text pregnancy helpline (605) 388-2799. You can also Schedule an Appointment Now to learn about our pregnancy services.

What are my Options?
A social worker can help you decide what is your best option. We can help weigh the pros and cons to decide if parenting or making an adoption plan is the right choice for you and your child. We can help you find resources to support whichever plan you choose.
I'm not sure about making an adoption Plan. Can you still help me?
Yes! we are here to help parents facing an unplanned pregnancy with case management regardless of whether you want to make an adoption plan or parent your child.
What are the different Types of Adoption?
An adoption plan can be customized into three categories based on your post-placement communication plan. These are often called: open, semi-open, or closed adoptions.


An open adoption is one in which the birthparent(s) choose the prospective adoptive parent(s). Identifying information is shared between both parties. All parties meet and are free to establish the boundaries of the relationship that is most comfortable for all concerned. This type of adoption often consists of direct sharing of updates and pictures throughout your child’s life. Visits may also be involved.


In a semi-open adoption, the birthparent(s) may choose the prospective adoptive parents. The two families may decide to meet at the agency to agree on an adoption plan. Last names, addresses, and other identifying information remain confidential. This type of adoption generally includes ongoing sharing of letters and pictures through the agency.

Please note: Post-Adoption Communication Agreements are made in good faith and are not legally enforceable in South Dakota.


In a closed adoption, the agency determines the adoptive parents. The parties involved have no direct contact and no ongoing communication – all information remains confidential.



Will this process Cost me money?

Our services are free of charge for expectant parents. We will help you work with an attorney to take care of the legalities of voluntarily terminating your parental rights in compliance with the state laws of South Dakota. We will provide you with counseling to educate you about your rights while going through the legal process with adoption. We will also work with the expectant father through this process.

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