Our Family

More about Me

Racial Background

  • Caucasian

Stay at Home or Work Outside the Home?

  • Work Full Time Outside the Home
Level of Education/ Occupation

Riley owns a roofing business. He graduated high school and attended some college.

A few of my Favorites!


  • Food
    • Seafood
  • Sports to Watch
    • Football (GO 49ers)
    • Basketball (Tar Heels all the way)
  • Hobby
    • Cooking
    • Golfing
  • Movie and/or TV Show
    • The Fast and Furious Francise
    • Anime
  • Dessert
    • Cheesecake
  • Place to Travel
    • Hawaii
  • Breakfast Dish
    • Scramble of hash browns, mushrooms, onions, sausage and/or bacon, topped with an over easy egg
What is your family like?

It is just Riley and Tessa and our two dogs for now!

What are your family Hobbies?

We enjoy BBQ, golfing, hiking, playing board games and cards, and experimenting with cooking.

Do you have Pets?

We have two fur-babies. A 14 year old Jack Russell and a 5 year old mix. During the winter months, you will catch them snuggling. On nice days they enjoy walks at the park, playing fetch, and taking in the sun on our deck in the backyard.

About our Home

Our home is nestled in trees of the Black Hills. There is a swinging bench out front next to our American flag. Inside our home the colors are warm and welcoming. It is a two level home with room to grow. Our big backyard has space to run and play.

More About Me

Stay at Home or Work Outside the Home?:

Work Full Time Outside the Home

Level of Education/ Occupation

Tessa works as a Special Education Coordinator. She has three bachelor’s degrees in Elementary Education, Special Education, and Early Childhood Education.

A few of my favorites


  • Food
    • Salmon Dish with a Caesar Salad
  • Sports to Watch
    • Football (Go 49ers!)
  • Hobby
    • Beading
    • Decorating my home
    • Tending to My flowers in the summer
    • Reading Books
  • Movie and/or TV Show
    • Reality TV
    • Romantic, Comedy, and Action Packed Movies
  • Dessert
    • I have a sweet tooth. I love Gummy Candies like Sour Patch Kids and Nerd Ropes
  • Place to Travel
    • I love anywhere with a beach. My dream is to make it to Fiji
  • Breakfast Dish
    • Salmon Eggs Benedict