Our Family

A few of my favorites

Cars! Jake is building a racecar(slowly). Jake bought his first Pontiac sports car at 13 and now both Weston and Karina participate in Drag racing with him.

Level of Education/ Occupation

Jake has a degree for diesel mechanic work but went back to school to pursue linework. Jake has worked for the power company where we live since 2017 and it is his dream job. Jake also runs a property management company with Kristi. The couple enjoys buying and renovating older homes and transforming them into beautiful rental properties.

Where Do you Live?

We live a few miles out of town on several acres with a beautiful river flowing through the property. We love our welcoming house and enjoy frequent cookouts with friends and family. Recently, we hosted a outdoor theater and fire night to commemorate the last day of school for the local middle and high school students we know. We have 2 gardens and grow many types of fresh fruits and vegetables. We even have 4 wheeling trails across the river!

What is your family like?

We are a family of 6. Kristi is a community health nurse, 2 days a week and Jake is an electric company lineman. Weston is a high school junior, running his own business and preparing for college. Karina is a high school freshman who is a certified babysitter and straight A student who recently got 2nd runner up in the 2021 Miss SD Outstanding teen scholarship competition, Braxton is a 7th grader who enjoys running and teaching his baby brother a vast vocabulary. Grayson is our strong and smart 2.5 yr old son we adopted at birth. He enjoys books, 4 wheeling, animals, and asking “Alexa” to “play baby shark” over and over ♡! Grayson is so excited to be a big brother and hopefully have a closely aged sibling!


Christian (Catholic). Jake has attended the same church since he was 1, Braxton and Karina volunteer twice monthly at church and Jake and Kristi were married at this church.

What are your family Hobbies?

Running, hiking, boating, camping, drag racing, kayaking, gardening, 4 wheeling, swimming, international traveling (anything involving adventure ♡). 

Do you have Pets?

3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 rabbit, ( horse and chickens at Grandparents).

A few of my favorites

Running! Kristi runs marathons, half marathons, helps with the local cross country team, and runs for fun at least 5 days a week.

Level of Education/ Occupation

Kristi has a nursing degree from USD and works 2 days per week as a community health nurse providing pregnancy and childhood education, assistance, and vaccinations. Kristi also helps run the family’s rental business with Jake.